Risk warning: Trading is risky. Your capital is at risk. Exinity Limited is regulated by FSC (Mauritius).
Risk warning: Trading is risky. Your capital is at risk. Exinity Limited is regulated by FSC (Mauritius).

FXTM is supporting Lewis Pugh for “The Long Swim” – a 530km swim along the English Channel – and welcomes him as FXTM Brand Ambassador in his humanitarian fight for a blue economy.

Who is FXTM’s new
Brand Ambassador 
Lewis Pugh?

The 48-year-old, British-born, Cape Town-native has won multiple environmental and philanthropic awards for his efforts and is the most respected long-distance swimmer in the world.

Lewis sticks to the Channel Swimming Rules for every single swim, wearing nothing but a speedo brief, goggles and cap.

  • Achieves ‘Holy Grail’ of swimming by becoming the first person to swim across all 5 Oceans

  • First man to swim across the North Pole, bringing attention to the melting ice caps

  • First man to swim in Mt. Everest’s glacial lake

  • ‘Achieving the Impossible: A Fearless Hero. A Fragile Earth’ is published and becomes a best seller

  • Named UN Environment Programme Patron of the Oceans

  • Plays key role in creating the biggest marine protected area in the world, in the Ross Sea (Antarctica)

  • First human to swim in an Arctic ice pack (-0.5 degrees Celsius)

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The five oceans cover 70% of our planet’s surface. Due to human interference, massive levels of pollution and global warming, they are in immediate danger.

By aligning our core values with Lewis Pugh and his Foundation, FXTM aims to play a part in keeping our global marine ecosystem clean, healthy and flourishing.

There is no green, without blue.

“The Long Swim”

  • No human has ever swum the entire length of the English Channel
  • Equivalent to 16 back-to-back English Channel crossings
  • Spanning 530km, this will be a world-first long-distance swim
  • A 1 ½ month swim for a bluer planet
  • Only 7 square kilometers of the Channel are fully Marine Protected Areas (MPAs)
  • The start of a decades-long effort to secure 30% of the world’s oceans as MPAs by the year 2030

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Our Aligned Values
Empower Us to Go Blue:

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